#6 November: Etegami ~ A Season on My Counter


Etegami ~ A simple postcard size drawing (with or without color as i see it) with words often evoking season.

Digital Drawing and Painting
Zen Brush App
ArtStudio App
iPad 2

Recently introduced to the term Etegami in Dosanko Debbie’s Etegami Notebook Blog via Fergimoto’s Creativity Aroused Blog (thank you Fergimoto) I knew I’d almost certainly have to begin working on the concept. After all… postcards! How many mail art artists could resist?

Over the top on season with my first attempt, I can still see where this is going to be fun with digital technology as well as brush and paper (when I get to it) in my own way of course. …What’s not to like about fun?

Fun on. – Aloha

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