#30 September: Haiga/Haibun ~ Dawn Seedlings


seasons move

across the universe each day

dawn seedlings

Haiga ~ Image with Haiku as one work.
Haibun* ~ A short writing with at least one Haiku related or that evolves out of the writing in some way.

Digital Drawing and Painting

  • Zen Brush App
  • ArtBrush App
  • Penultimate App
  • iPad 2

I had thought I’d get to at least a few Haiga on paper with drawing materials and brushes during this September Haiga – or Haiku with Image – Call month. Another case of not always reaching my own goals. …Which just means I get to try harder the next time I wake of course. Its still fun and I’ve enjoyed this month of Haiga, Image and Haiku focused blog-time a lot.

On this end of September I’m wondering if I should try keeping a blog devoted entirely to Haiga – and/or may be Haibun too? Ha. …One of the hazards of having too much fun I suppose… I want to keep doing it.

…Of course I still have some blogs that have responded to this September Call to visit and read. Yes, I still intend to do that.

Mahalo (Thanks) to all who have responded to the September Haiga and Image with Haiku Call. I hope you had fun and want to continue creating your own Haiga, Images and Haiku. I can see now that in addition to Haiga, I want to explore Haibun too. Bwahahahaha on me.

If you have thoughts or suggestions regarding this September Call event, please let me know.

Aloha and have fun.

*This is my current loose beginning-to-understand-working-definition of Haibun. I invite your thoughts, insights, tweaks and/or adjustments for consideration and modification of my understanding of the term.

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