#22 September: Haiga ~ Moon Artist and Brush Size Experimenting


moon artist
with his smallest brush
a cycle painting

Haiga ~ Image with Haiku as One Work

Digital Drawing and Painting

  • Zen Brush App
  • ArtStudio App
  • iPad 2

Experimenting – Again:

I wanted to see what might be possible for use on a smaller screen with the Zen Brush App. In general with a smaller screen I’d use smaller brush sizes.

Brush sizes in the Zen Brush App I have for the iPad run from 1 to 50, with 10 increments between each of those numbers. …In other words there are 500 brush sizes available. The longer you leave your finger in one place when painting, the larger the area becomes that will be “colored” – similar to the way a real brush might work.

On a small screen the brush sizes from 1 to 10 would probably work well – that’s 100 different sizes.

I do not know if the Zen Brush Apps for the iPhone and iPod are set up exactly the same as the one for the iPad, which is what I have. It’s possible that all 50 sizes may be relatively smaller and so would all work well on the smaller screens.

The “painting” part of the above Haiga was created with the smallest brush size available with the Zen Brush App that I have – the size 1.0 for all 5 brushes.

The brushes are set up with 3 values of dark. – a black, middle value and a light value.

There are then 2 eraser brushes – one that erases entirely and one that erases at about halve (or less) in value. I use these as brushes of course to lighten areas etc.

With the 3 dark-value brushes and the 2 eraser brushes a variety of values can be achieved by repeating strokes.

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