Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture ~ Texture Vs. Texture

Plastic Vs. Traveler’s Tree



Metal Vs. (Shower Tree) Bark




Old (Ply) Wood Vs. Light and Reflection



All Photos slightly altered.

This particular challenge was difficult for me. Yeah. Amazing. It was difficult mainly because I’m always taking texture photographs for one reason or another.  Mainly I like texture. 

When I took the shots I’ve used here I had intended different uses for them.  I happen to like these because they have additional elements which I find intriguing. 

These six shots – plus about a dozen or two more I considered, were taken within the last two or three weeks or so.

…Given that I’ve taken about 7,000+ photos this year – that I’ve saved… Yeah, it was a difficult choice. …Which is why I ended up using six photographs.  bwahahahahaha. …Of course… It was fun too.

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