Haiga: The Roller Coaster

a long ride

the roller coaster

into summer

Haiga – Haiku with Image

Current and cool:

  • Thanks to Don of Issa’s Untidy Hut for his Wednesday Haiku.  This week he includes one of my (never before seen) haiku.  Wednesday Haiku at Issa’s Untidy Hut is an on going event so if you ku, submit one of yours.  It’s fun and rewarding as well as a great place to explore haiku.

  • Thanks also to Kuniharu Shimizu for the WHA (World Haiku Association) Haiga Contest  he judges each month out of Japan.  The 87th contest is up and it includes one of my (never before seen) haiga.  There are excellent insights here and some terrific haiga.  You can submit one of your own haiga to this contest each month and have fun seeing what others do as well.

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