Ku On This #007-2011 – Thick Grass This Bamboo

A Challenging Lawn To Mow?

In Issa’s Untidy Hut (The Poetry Blog for Lilliput Review) this past Wednesday, Don Wentworth connected up the Wednesday Haiku by Ed Markowski to one of Issa’s haiku which contained the line “thick summer grasses” as translated by David G. Lanoue.  I had fun in the comments there at Issa’s Untidy Hut and discovered a number of things – or remembered I once new some things too… One of those remembered things had to do with bamboo.  Periodically I photograph bamboo for various reasons, so I thought this week it might be fun to Ku On This:

The Ways of Issa's Thick Grass

Bamboo in Sunlight and Shadow

You are invited to join in and play Ku On this.

Information about Ku On This is available here.

Altered Photograph

Over the last few weeks people have found more and more ways in which to respond to Ku On This.  I like that.  This week once again I’m adding to the list of ways you might respond – and to be clear – these are not the only ways..  Please Caption, Title, Comment, Short Story, Ask, Draw, Paint or Ku On This in any way you’d like to explore.  If you can not leave your response (such as a drawing or a painting) in a comment, be sure to leave a link – it’s more fun that way. Mahalo (Thank you) – have fun – Aloha.

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