Ku On This #005-2011 – Organized Chaos; My Studio

Haiku Caption Title Comment Short Story or Ask

Yeah, my studio is my way.  This is actually circa 2008 in my studio. Today it has several more layers and the passage ways are a little more challenging.  Still… it works for me and I like it this way.  The additional photo below is three different views of my two studio spaces.   That’s still the computer I use (in the lower right image) but the Cintiq is not there, yet.  There are a number of other views of my studios that I’ve taken over time – all with varying degrees of chaos that I work well in and enjoy.

The thinking for Ku On This #005-2011 is due to several recent blog conversations/comments.  Actually doing it is probably mostly a result of Benedicte Delachanal’s Blog Carnet De Dessins and her post here.

I’ve found that some of my blog readers have been hesitant to join in on Ku On This – for various reasons.  So i’m going to open it up a bit with some other comment options.  Yeah, by all means Haiku – or Caption, Title, Comment, Short Story or Ask a Question – it all works and it’s all fun.  So Ku On This…

This is about a quarter of the painting studio space.

My Studio One Random Day

Your are invited to join in and play Ku On This.

Information about Ku On This is available here.

Working Areas That Suit Me Fine

Top and Lower Left – Painting Studio (about 16 x 16 feet total area) – 2008

Lower Right – Computer Room (about 9 x 16 feet total area) – 2007

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