Soft Winter Sound ~ #011 February 2014 – Haiga/Haibun for The Phoneography Challenge

©14 Seed Pod 3 sml 6x


And This Change of Sound


muffled in the snow. the hillside full of sledders. calling out. laughing. so many callers and yet it’s so quiet. softened. distance? and muffling snow. a memory.

a new snowfall. unexpected. i dress in darkness. in the first early light. quickly. she watches. without understanding. she quickly dresses as well. lightly. yet bundled. wordless our first steps. into the quiet. the lingering night. of shadows lifting. a back trail through the bird sanctuary. hushed. with snow. we step. in awe. we speak with quiet words. the sound of our footsteps. through the deep. leafless. trees. a memory.

my breath. bellowing out before me. thick. in the cloudless sky. white fleece. against the blue. when i speak. the words subdued. close. quiet. the sound of winter. a memory.

this change. the soft winter sound. when i watch for it. amazing. listen for it. amazing. to speak in the mist. hide and seek in plain sight. on the campus park way. we call out. quietly again. unseen. bodiless voices pass. nearby. the lighting. barely visible. a few yards away. the next globe. a few yards away. a dimmed. lighter area. in the mist. groundless. in the thick mist. each call softened. in the undrifting mist. a quiet crunch. each step in the frost coated grass. a memory.

how the season changes the sound of an ax. against solid wood. half a block away. two. two and a half seconds. almost three. to reach me. the sound. i watch the chop strike. the sound arrives later. on the up swing of the ax. the sound. a fuzzy thuck. winter dampened. a memory.

first snowfall. to last snowfall. the numbers sliding on the hill change. fewer. and fewer. calling out the season. moving though the planet tilt. until there is no snow at all. and i sit at the window. sipping tea.


the sound

though my kitchen window

spring opens


February 24, 2014


Altered Digital Photograph

  • 8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • iPad 2 Digital Camera
  • Digital Drawing and Painting
  • Perfect Effects 8
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

This is my response to the Lens and Pens by Sally blog Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens: 2014—Object, February 24, 2014. The theme or focus for the Fourth Monday of the month is Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Animals, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Objects, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel). (Animals and Objects are themes.)


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10 thoughts on “Soft Winter Sound ~ #011 February 2014 – Haiga/Haibun for The Phoneography Challenge

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    • aloha Janet. thank you. i like the sense of seeds and seedpods opening into spring.

      oh. and altho i have not commented yet (i intend to) i’ve noted that you are playing with your copyright on images. cool. the way i find out what i like is to play and play and play with how i do it. it looks to me like you are exploring exactly that. way cool. fun on. aloha.

    • aloha Brenda. thank you. yes, exactly, that beautiful moment when one season transitions into the next. i like that too. yes, again. open windows. a delight. i hope you get to enjoy your first of the season soon. aloha.

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  3. Your image and haiga have brought instant joy racing through my spirit. The opening of the seedpod brings hope and renewal. Our Spring is less than a month away–that’s by the calendar. By daffodils are pushing upward, even as snow falls. Happy Phoneography Challenge.

    • aloha Sally. your response makes me smile. thank you. yes, i’ve always like that opening up of seeds (and seed pods) into spring. hope and renewal—exactly.

      ha too, yes, there is spring-by-the-calendar and spring by the season.

      one of the strong signs of spring—daffodils. i like when that happens. oh. daffodils in the snow. that is an image. cool. happy phoneography challenge on you as well. aloha.

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