Videoku #001 ~ Wind ~ #009 February 2014 – Free Verse Haibun for #FWF Free Write Friday: Video Prompt (Plus) NaHaiWriMo Days 21 and 22


Words on Videoku #001 ~ Wind


on second thought. again. no, possibly the 93rd thought on posting this video. i wanted to try. because i like the idea. poetry sound. poetic sound. poetic visual. visual poetry. 

okay. i’m a long way off knowing what appeals to me about this process. or maybe end product. still. . . . something. somehow. does appeal to me. do i have to know what i’m doing before i do it? 

no. that’s not the way i work. or even play.

placing it out there. for you. to see. will force me to take a harder look. 

seeing a strip of visual is. . . . has had a curious effect on me. it is not the visual that i see as much as what it triggers in me.


otherwise. i am unlikely to have shown this videoku on wind. my videoku on wind. with the most basic video recording device. and little experience with sound in this process. still. . . . trying is a good thing. imo. 

i’m still not sure it is a wise thing to do. to show it. however it may free me up to do another. because i believe the next one i do will be better. and who said i had to be wise anyway?

we all place things out here. for others to see. for the public eye. is that a courage thing? or an ego thing? what is it we are doing? a like me thing? 

so now. when i see a strip of video i’m looking at more than the video. i’m looking at how it is done. can i do that? what will i do different next time because i saw this? i like things. the silence in what i can see must have a sound. does the sound come to me because i hear no sound yet see the visual? interesting. exploration. isn’t that what we do? explore? even in a free write with a focus, yes. i think i do. explore. i like that.

is exploration for self only? 

not when we place it before others. 

where have i gone in this free write? heck. i was going to sleep. and then i looked up the free write challenge. and came here to write. and post. and maybe. let go. 


a walk in wind

the sound of winter

a walk in wind


February 22, 2014 

6:39 AM



Digital Video

  • LGA340 (Very Basic) Digital Phone Camera/Video
  • iMovie Version 10.0.2
  • YouTube


My response to the #FWF Free Write Friday: Silent Video Image Prompt—free verse for Kellie Elmore’s (.com) blog challenge of February 21, 2014..  

This may or may not be acceptable as haibun or haibun thinking. I am presenting it in that format. Whether it is or is not I will leave up to others at this point. 



Some of my haiku on days 21 and 22 for Michael Dylan Welch’s NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month on Facebook) follow. Through NaHaiWriMo we are encouraged to write at least one haiku a day for the month of February (or all year long as the prompts continue all year long too). Prompts can be found on Facebook—which are optional. I post my daily haiku as I post, which means I may post several days together in one post. The haiku are from the days as indicated although they may not represent all I write on these days.   


National Haiku Writing Month

February 2014

1 haiku per day or more



BRUSSELS SPROUTS is the prompt for February 21, 2014


brussels sprouts


brussels sprouts

I check the menu a second time





brussels sprouts

I check the weather a second time





brussels sprouts 

six more weeks of ice

this winter





on brussels sprout leaves

haiku this winter




the advantage 

of small writing implements

brussels sprouts ku




brussels sprouts I set the seed packet aside




brussels sprouts 

the seed packet set aside

on the kitchen table




brussels sprouts 

I have second thoughts

this winter




brussels sprouts 

the soup cools quicker

than I want it to


the soup cools quicker 

than I want it to this winter

brussels sprouts




brussels sprouts

the kids have homework

through dinner




brussels sprouts

in contemplation tonight

I chop liver




a dinner party 

I didn’t want to attend

brussels sprouts





BARN is the prompt for February 22, 2014



the trek to the barn

twice as long




barn cats

fewer mice in the grain

this winter



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17 thoughts on “Videoku #001 ~ Wind ~ #009 February 2014 – Free Verse Haibun for #FWF Free Write Friday: Video Prompt (Plus) NaHaiWriMo Days 21 and 22

    • aloha Gabrielle. ha. yes, i think you are right, it is spooky. and maybe ethereal too. i’m having a lot of fun with the process of learning of course. heck if i know what will happen next. ha. fun and more fun i hope. thank you. aloha.

    • aloha A Walk In Haiku. thank you. i’m seeing more and more as well. and i’m pleased that after you have seen more and more you were still able to enjoy my initial attempt. way fun.

      thank you very much for the link to Don Baird’s “The Living Haiku Anthology”. i did not know of it. i definitely intend to explore it. fun. aloha.

    • aloha Suzanne. i am having a lot of fun combining what i do with the prompts that are being offered by so many talented hosts.

      i am way delighted that you see the rolling effect of the video as connected to the wind across the sea—exactly.

      way fun and thank you. aloha.

    • aloha Kellie. your prompt was the perfect lead-in for this video. i’m enjoying your FWF a lot. thank you for hosting it.

      i’m delighted of course that you enjoy what i’m doing here. your openness to allow us to explore in our own way is ideal (imo). thank you on that too. aloha.

    • I’ve called mine “twenty seconds of haiku” — here’s a link to my “channel” if you want to take a look. they’re crude, in-the-moment kind of things, mostly because I don’t know a thing about editing video — but also because I think of them as sort of a spontaneous visual poem.

      my channel ( :)

      • outstanding Angie. i like your thinking in video a lot. i have looked. i did not comment. i’m not sure i can as i’m not a member on Vimeo (at least that i know of).

        do you prefer Vimeo to YouTube? or is there a reason you are using Vimeo over YouTube? i’m so new to this as well, that every time i blink i discovery something else to consider. so i’m learning about editing as i go. hopefully i will get better. i learned that there are a lot of YouTube videos on “how to use” the iMovie on iMac. so i’ve started to watch a few of those and at least hope to gain some ideas if not “how to” with them.

        it was fun to see your progression and how you evolved over your videos. i think that is a great thing about doing more than one or two. i’m a ways off from that yet. i’m looking forward to the process tho, and i’ve started taking some video shots for my next attempt.

        your concept of the short video with the one haiku is excellent (imo). i was seeing longer “visual poetry” videos and “haiku readings” both of which were longer in length when i looked on YouTube. i had intended to try to keep mine under 2 minutes. but it got away from me and i opted for about 4 minutes. hoping i can maintain that.

        very fun and thank you for including your link. aloha.

        • oh, thank you, rick.

          I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve actually made a video. I think this winter froze more than my car doors. :) need to get back to it.

          I think I chose vimeo mostly because I feel like it gives me a little more control over sharing, etc than youtube. and there are no pesky ads. I do pay — $59 for a year membership — but there is a free version. I feel like my stuff is safe there, much like I feel about keeping my photos on flickr. it also give me access to some cool processing techniques. someday I hope to learn how to add words to the video, but for now I’ll probably stick with my little notebook page. maybe I’ll discover an app when I get to upgrade my phone!

          another thing I hope to explore this summer is actually writing/ filming the haiku on the spot. now I am using already written words and stopping my car when something catches my eye that seems to fit with them. I’m not sure if writing and filming at once would take away from that haiga-juxtapostion I try to incorporate but, we shall see…

          thanks for taking a look, rick. just like my pictures, I’m never sure if what is in my head is actually coming across. it’s nice to have the input. good luck in your continuing adventures. life is fun, isn’t it? so many toys. :D

          • “how long it’s been” i think that is true about getting to my replies too. yikes.

            yes, i hope you get to more snow video before it’s all gone. not that i wish it to linger for you. i know you have excellent snow/winter photos.

            ah. yes. i understand those issues with “safe”. i’m finding that to be a difficult thing too. yes, i saw/looked at, the “free” Vimeo. my funding has become extinct. or nearly so. altho i’ll manage okay. i have to be extremely selective. i’m now thinking if i can do one video a month. . . . that would be a good target goal for me. altho one a month may not be often enough to keep my learning curve on a flow.

            i know there are phone apps for videos. my phone just isnt smart enough for this stuff. so i’m going to my iPad for now. and thinking about a better phone. for a while i was writing ku out on a small pad and adding that image to photos too. i like the idea. it’s just way easier for me to add the text to photos. altho to video i’m still limited a bit.

            your sequencing makes sense to me. creating the ku. and watching for the right imagery. i may have to try that in some way too. . . . ah. the think planning prep resumes.

            on the spot ku would work but for me i’d need more time to do it that way. which would be fun. if i wasnt on some other mission as well. which is often the case. interesting thinking about this process tho. and i can see how summer would be a great time to start that on the spot catch.

            yes. i’ve tried to think in ways that reflect haiga too. altho on that first one, i was responding to the film both at the time i was filming and then later writing my thinking about that as well as other ku too. some would miss the mark for haiga. it’s too direct. others i think do okay. it’s that learning process that has me now thinking in slightly different ways. we will see when i get onto the next video-ku. fun.

            yeah. i just go for fun while trying to keep in mind some of the things that make for good qualities in what i’m doing. whether what i’m trying to do comes across or not—heck if i know. others will have to tell me. and then i’ll know. i suspect if i let things sit longer, and refined and edited more it might be better in some ways. but i’d also lose some of the rawness that is also good (imo) in ku. the same is true of filming. i suspect over time i’ll find my preferences.

            yeah. life comes in waves. ups and lows. mostly i aim at fun tho. and toys. yeah. way fun on toys. ha. fun on into spring. aloha and play on. – r.

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