This Scent ~ #007 February 2014 – Haiga/Haibun for The Phoneography Challenge

©14 Winter Scent 1 sml 6x



This Scent Reminds Me


it’s up there. clear sky. middle of the day. and it’s up there. the moon. a blue background. sharp cut edges like a cookie cutter with razors would cut. crisp. almost brisk. in the breeze. because it isn’t summer. it’s a winter blue sky. and clear. 

the rain has past. a mild light. yet a sharp moon. and this scent all around me. different than spring. than summer. than autumn. it’s winter. and the rain has stopped. a few blossoms linger. dripping. 

i like the cool air. it’s not too cold. i’m bundled enough. just slightly. i’m still in shorts. because i’m on a walk. wondering where my next photo will be. maybe i’ll find it later. i never know. i just watch. what catches my attention. that’s the moment i like to take the first shot. then i can move around. see if there is a better shot. still. it’s often the first shot i like. that’s what caught my attention of course. 

and this moon. it’s not following me. it’s everywhere i turn. i like that. comforting. like a friend who is there when i look. high moon. day or night. hi moon.


day moon

in a cloudless sky

this winter scent


Altered Photograph

  • 8 x 12 Inches @ 300 ppi
  • iPad 2 Digital Camera
  • Digital Drawing and Painting
  • Glaze App
  • Perfect Effects 8
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

My response to the Lens and Pens by Sally blog Phoneography Challenge, the Phone as Your Lens: 2014—Black and White, February 17, 2014. The theme or focus for the third Monday of the month is Black and White. This is not strictly a Back and White photograph although I’d consider it to be basically monochromatic. I’m including a black and white below as a comparison. Do you have a preference?


©14 Winter Scent 2 (Black and White) sml 6x

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17 thoughts on “This Scent ~ #007 February 2014 – Haiga/Haibun for The Phoneography Challenge

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    • aloha AngieInspired. i’m delighted to have you comment on the prose of the haibun. thank you.

      i have explored haiku a lot. i think it is that exploration that is influencing the way i’m approaching haibun prose.

      in haiku i try to make each line be a unit—a complete phrase. altho two lines i also want to be linked together so it is also one unit or phrase. in haiku terms that is called fragment and phrase theory. one line stands alone. and is in comparison or contrast to the other two lines which are connected even tho each is also a complete unit. i hope that makes sense.

      so it is that kind of short solid unit that i think is showing up in my hiabun. it makes for strong haiku. but also i think as you point out it can become “punchy” prose too.

      thank you for bringing this up—and allowing me to ramble on it. this kind of rambling often helps me clarify my own thinking and understanding. fun. aloha.

  2. I think I like the first one better, although they’re both good. It’s funny that you mentioned scent as my post today is about our trip to a vanilla farm in Costa Rica. What lovely scents we encountered there! I love your chop. How did you make that? I’d love to sign photos that way.


    • aloha Janet. i prefer the first one as well. thank you for indicating your preference.

      ha. yes. i’m not familiar with the scent of vanilla directly from the plant—altho i may have encountered it. i do know how tropical blossoms and plants can give off a scent that remains strong quite a ways from the plant at different times of the day. it’s pleasant to find it drifting through the house sometimes too. cool on your Costa Rica visit.

      i hope you do make a chop. it is a digital chop of course. i’ve always liked chops and find them fascinating on works of art. in some cases each owner of the work (not only the creator) places their chop on the work in some way. i like that as the provenance of the work can then be traced as the work is passed on.

      you can easily make a digital chop (and i hope you do). each year in Nov./Dec. usually, i play with the one for the coming year. sometimes it changes a lot. sometimes a little.

      you can make it square, rectangular, circular, oblong etc.

      i start large. like a 4 to 6 inch square at 300 ppi. and when i’m finished i save it large. it’s easy to reduce the size when i add it to the image. and it will look fine. but once it is small it’s hard to make it go big again. so i always keep the large one and reduce the copy i place in the work.

      you can round corners in photoshop. or i’ve done it on my iPad in the ArtStudio app.

      i often start black and white because i can change the color when i’m finished.

      when i have my shape. i enlarge the canvas around it so there is a little white around all edges. in older programs i found that was helpful and i still do it.

      you can lay in text how ever you’d like it to be. the copyright symbol on an iMac is the Option button plus G. ©. in my case i make the fonts white. but you can play with that of course.

      if you want a border line. select the shape. then contract the selection. delete the inside so you just have the band. now you can again contract that selection and now re-add back the color or black.

      when i have it this far i’ve learned that i like to tilt it slightly. you can do this when you apply the chop too. that way it can be different each time. i just tilt mine and leave it at the angle i want within the white background now. i can still tilt it more or less if i want to from there too. or i could save it squared up as well as with a tilt.

      when i’m ready to apply it. i select only the outer white area. then click inverse. then contract it by 1 pixel. that way i eliminate any white that adheres around the edge (with older programs that was an issue too). i copy that.

      i then paste it in my photo/image and resize it down to what i want. i have standard amounts i use on things that i use often but if i do an odd size i can adjust the size of the chop to what i feel works.

      i then place the reduced size chop where i want it. and then adjust the transparency. that depends on what the chop is on. i like it to be there, but not overwhelming. most of the time my transparency goes down to 20% to 40% form 100%. sometimes a little lower. sometimes a little higher too.

      if all this seems confusing. you can either give it a try and then email me and i’ll see if i can clarify questions. if you’d like i could do a post on it? so you can see it full size etc.?

      let me know if that helps. it would be very cool to see what you do.

      fun. aloha.

        • you are welcome. give it a try. do let me know if you need clarification. i didnt think it out all that well and i think the sequence of things could be better.

          things like this where i think it might be of interest to others can make a good post sometimes (imo). we’ll see. and if an image might help so you can see it before it’s applied. . . . that is easy to do too.

          just so you know: 19 planets at gmail dot com
          with no spaces and the at symbol and dot of course.

  3. Hello, first comment vanished like a scent…
    I like your first photo. The addition of the sepia tint adds warmth, a cosy, sweet home feeling like I have in winter were I am less outdoor.
    Winter is different here, of course, but I can say the same about it, specially the scent, and also some guys bundled and in shorts when it is around freezing temp :)

    • aloha Benedicte. yeah, i occasionally have pieces of a comment vanish as well as the entire thing sometimes too. there must be a net monster out there some place gobbling our words up. thank you for trying again.

      you are seeing what i saw. i like that slight color warmth in the first image too.

      the connection you make about both winters intrigues me. i can see how that works. i like that insight. altho i suspect i’d bundle a little more there than here.

      stay warm. thank you. aloha.

      • winter is perfect to experience relativity. In November freezing temp. feel so very cold and in March so very warm. I would not go myself to the extend of wearing shorts but it is not uncommon to see it.
        I find also that in winter sounds are very different, mainly because of snow and cold air but must be the same in Hawai to some extend.
        I like very much your new background, it looks Japanese-Hawaian :) aloha

        • yes. there is a difference in sound over the seasons. i think it’s more distinct where the seasons are more distinct. still, yes. even here it is so.

          the background is a combination of a photograph (which is on the side of a mail box here—the hula danceer and hibiscus)which i’ve modified some. and. the squiggle pattern that runs down, which i created in the Zen App.

          oh. which reminds me: a while back you were using an App i liked a lot. i couldnt download it because my OS was too old. i’ve updated now to iOS7. but i can not remember the name of the App you were using. by any chance do you remember which one it was? i understand that may not be easy as i’m sure you have many drawing and painting apps just as i do. so no worries if i havnt jogged your memory.

          i am of course playing with some new apps just the same. they may eventually show up on here too. fun. aloha.

            • ah. yes. i think that is the one. Procreate. thank you. i’ve now added it and it looks good. and my first tests are fun. i’ve added a couple of others too. i need to stop adding and work with them now i think.

              exactly. each app has a little something different that i like about it too. i often take an image from one app to another for that reason. aloha. r.

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    • aloha Sally. thank you. i think haiku has had a great influence over how i’m approaching haibun—and the prose there in. i like what has happened in that. i think the emotive description(s) are part of that. i’m not sure i can put it easily into words yet. but i sense it being there.

      i am delighted with the way you look into the image of course. way cool. happy phoneography monday on you. aloha.

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